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An expert in viticulture, the oenologist is a wine engineer. He is in charge of supervision, advice and testing throughout the winemaking process to bring out a better quality wine. Passionate about wine, Charles Rosier has made his passion his profession.

Charles Rosier, wine specialist

A smiling and warm-hearted man, loving to be in contact with others and having grown up in the middle of vast vineyards, Charles Rosier has distinguished himself as an oenologist through his passion for wine combined with years of studies and experience to be at the top of his trade.

With a good sense of smell, a fine palate and a love of good wine, he has put his knowledge at the service of amateurs and enthusiasts as a sommelier in one of the most famous French gourmet restaurants after two years of studies to obtain the BTSA/ Viticulture-Œnologie.

This experience as a sommelier has developed in him a more acute sense as a connoisseur and has allowed him to grow his passion by being in charge of the restaurant’s cellar. Being a sommelier has also allowed him to be in direct contact with the winegrowers. This profession has developed a sense of creativity in him by elaborating an original and varied menu for the restaurant and always being in search of wines of good quality. With an open mind, he is always attentive to the customers’ needs and provides them with valuable wine advice when serving.


A journey worthy of a great oenologist

Wishing to shine in his professional career and realize the dream of his life to become a renowned oenologist, Charles Rosier took over the school by joining one of the oenology training centres in France. His bachelor’s degree in biology then enabled him to obtain the national diploma of oenologist, bac+5, after two years of training to be able to work as an oenologist. With his experience as a sommelier and the various apprenticeships he has acquired during his long internships, he has risen to the forefront and possesses all the knowledge and skills he needs as an oenologist.

Wine and vines expert, wines and liqueurs have no more secrets for him. Working in close collaboration with producers and wine merchants, he has the right perception in the management of the vineyard and the treatment of the vines. It provides valuable advice on the different methods of making and preserving wines and helps producers to optimise the products during the production process, from laboratory experiments to tasting.

With a profession offering favorable opportunities and which recruits permanently in the mass distribution, having reached its goal, passionate and just thirty years old, a great and beautiful career opens up to him by putting his science at the service of the enthusiasts, in a field which he masters perfectly.

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Here is a glossary that will allow wine lovers in search of knowledge, to find definitions to the most commonly used terms.


Charles Rosier

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Charles Rosier

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Here is a glossary that will allow wine lovers in search of knowledge, to find definitions to the most commonly used terms.